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Mzansi Debt Counselling (www.mzansidc.co.za) is a locally based empowered organization formed in 2008. The sole shareholder, Miss Octavia Hlatshwayo, successfully completed a debt counselling training course at the University of Pretoria prior to opening the practice. Octavia has extensive experience in seeking resolutions for consumers having previously been in the employ of The Ombudsman for Banking Services and The National Credit Regulator – the enforcers of The National Credit Act, 34 of 2005.

Mzansi Debt Counselling has been recognized by Talk Radio 702 in their small businesses award with Soft line Pastel Small Business Awards. To be recognized for this award, businesses must be nominated by their clients for exceptional quality of service. This is in tune with Mzansi Debt Counselling motto – Making a Difference.

Further, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) visited Mzansi Debt Counselling premises in February 2009 to conduct monitoring of the debt counselling practice. The report from the monitors indicated that our debt counselling practice is conducted in a professional manner and meets the requirements of the NCR.

The South African Government legislated the National Credit Act, 34 to promote a regulated, fair and transparent credit market. The Act protects consumers from reckless lending and provides over-indebted consumers with a means to pay off their debts in a responsible and affordable manner hence the need for certified debt counselors like Mzansi Debt Counselling services to act as mediator between the consumer and the credit providers in arranging debt repayment plans.

The capabilities of Mzansi Debt Counselling are in line with the Act and this is matched by extensive experience in the mediation process. The first step towards financial recovery is recognizing the problem. At Mzansi Debt Counselling we believe in Making a Difference for we not only assist you in making that first step but we believe in walking the entire journey with you with our exceptional after-care service.

Mzansi Debt Counselling, as evidenced by our recent award, ensures that you receive professional and appropriate advice at all times during your debt review process. We are empathetic to each individual client in offering them appropriate budgetary advice thereby allowing our clients the necessary time to change their behavioral patterns in moving towards financial freedom.

In Making a Difference, to our clients that are continuously being harassed from creditors, that are stressed from drowning/trapped in debt and wanting to make a change financially for the better but don't know how to, we believe our personal one-to-one confidential service is the key to placing you on the financial road to recovery.

Recent stats reveal that approximately 7 000 vehicles are being repossessed every month and many more houses being repossessed from over-indebted consumers. Mzansi Debt Counselling offers consumers the protection in terms of the NCR Act to help save your possessions in order for you to continue with your way of life whilst you are rehabilitated.

You are more than a case number to us. Allow us to Make a Difference to your life!

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